I’m a self taught developer…I think. It’s a mirky definition; I have been taught by blogs & tutorial videos & forums & documentations & no small amount of trial & error. But in so far as my learning has been in solitude & entirely self-motivated, self-directed, self-determined…I am self taught.

This has been a journey that has, for the most part, invigorated & empowered & inspired…and has, at times, frustrated & bullied & taunted me.

I’m also an artist, a musician. Code, I find, is very capable of producing very beautiful results. The patterns & procedures satisfy my grey matter, & so a large amount of the contentĀ that follows will be creative-code oriented. We’ll get algorithmic & generative together…but there is also a real world out their where people try & build stuff of practical use rather than artistic value. So, I mostly code in Node & React & I’ll offer up some matters of intrigue that pertain to the aforementioned as well…

Some topics I have found to be well covered, a wealth of resources readily at my fingers. The numerous, for example, ‘learn React’ courses that vie for our attentionĀ on YouTube. Other problems, however, have been less forthcoming with their solution, the answer tucked away, unannounced in the midst of some strangers 3-hour live-coding live-stream; or a subordinate clause sneaking by in a blog post; or one stackoverflow question that leads to another to another to another…

Some of these problems I have solved; some continue to elude. My hope is that the articles herein, where I provide a solution, will dare to be educational; and those that I can’t figure out, perhaps we can tackle together?